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Does navigating the day-to-day business environment sometimes feel like an onslaught, an obstacle course of enormous proportions?

The folks are RSM hear you.

Carbon, in collaboration with director Ivan Grbovic at Cap Gun Collective, Brandon Porter at Whitehouse Post, and LGA charted a secure a confident path forward as conveyed in this spot for client RSM, an audit, tax, and financial consulting company.

“The metaphor is clear,” elaborates Grbovic. “It’s a tricky, ever-shifting world out there, but with the right ally, it can be easily navigated. Together with the agency and RSM, we wanted to use an elegant, cinematic visual style to dramatize our hero’s thoughtful movements, and his clear sense of purpose, from beginning to end. Every aspect of this film was given careful consideration to heighten the brand’s promise–the power of being understood.”

The highly-choreographed action was captured in Montreal through a vintage anamorphic lens on an ARRI Alexa with a Steadicam used for the tracking shots. Brandon Porter seamlessly merged the dynamic with the steady for a solid, focused, and energetic piece, polished and finished by Carbon.

“The RSA campaign was very satisfying to work on as it required such a wide variety of disciplines,” explains Carbon NY CD, Kieran Walsh. “We did shoot supervision, color grading, green screen composites, digital matte paintings, CG and all the motion design. For instance, we 3D tracked CG into the factory plates to add more high-tech machinery, and did a lot of cleanup of logos, safety harnesses, and crash mats. Some type was flipped, so we removed it and then replaced it. The stunt guys were absolutely fearless and easily jumped down a full floor height—but we also needed a 4-story jump. We solved this by shooting the jump as a separate plate and making the fall much greater in the Flame composite. For the closing sequence on top of the building, we needed an impactful vista where, in reality, there was suburban housing. We created a modern skyline matte painting from several different cities using Flame 3D tracking across several shots. On a fast turnaround project like this, Carbon’s close integration with Whitehouse Post and Cap Gun Collective is essential in providing a seamless creative experience.”